A Hundred Lives Since Then


A Hundred Lives Since Then – In A Hundred Lives Since Then, award-winning Star Tribune columnist Gail Rosenblum has gathered a collection of her wry observations on a host of experiences ranging from home remodeling and a parent’s late-life romance to a child’s show-and-tell and the neighborhood book club. With self-depreciating humor, she reminds us of how difficult it can be to hire a babysitter, how frightful to take a young child on an amusement park ride. She describes her daughter’s first crush, analyzes the stages of an exasperating family holiday, and explores the complicated process of choosing the right dog. She evokes the sense of vanishing time as a parent watches her children grow up and the craziness and sense of loss that accompany even the most well-mannered divorce. Her irrepressible humor is never far from the surface, but readers will also be struck—and moved—by her ability to expose the enduring significance of the most quotidian observations and events.

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Adventure Publications: www.adventurepublications.net
Wild Rumpus Bookstore: www.wildrumpusbooks.com
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What Others Are Saying
“Gail Rosenblum is wise. She’s witty. And she can flat-out write.” – Jeff Cohen, Editor, Houston Chronicle

“Gail’s heartening tales of post-divorce family life are worth the price of the book and should be required reading for any divorcing parent or prospective step-parent.” — Marti Erickson, Ph.D.,Developmental Psychologist and Co-host of Mom Enough

“Gail Rosenblum is a wise mom and friend. Funny too. Reading her delightful stories makes you feel good about the world.” – Peg Meier, Minnesota author of Bring Warm Clothes and Wishing for a Snow Day

“A delightful book by a gifted writer, who exposes the dust balls under her bed with the same ingenuous wonder as the clay fruit basket, meticulously sculpted by her 8-yr-old daughter, this collection of heart-touching essays belongs on every woman’s bedside table. I’ll never again have to worry about what to give a female friend for Hanukkah or Christmas!” – Lois Duncan, author of Hotel For Dogs and Chapters: My Growth as a Writer

“Although this book doesn’t come with a glass of wine and a cozy afgan, its effect is the same; settling into the warm, wise and witty essays of Gail Rosenblum, the reader will think, ‘ahhhh.’” – Lorna Landvik, author of Patty Jane’s House of Curl and The Tall Pine Polka

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