question marksIn last week’s blog post, I assured you that no one is thinking about you. Ouch! Wait! Don’t go! What I meant is that no one really is obsessing about you, what you said or what you wore because they’re too busy obsessing about they said and what they wore…So relax for a second. And now, I’d like to tell you a winning way to truly get people to pay attention to you and what you say — and LOVE you for it. Here it is: Ask the stupid question. Or ask the elephant-in-the-living-room question, which might not be stupid at all, just really awkward. Like, “So, um, who can qualify for medical marijuana, again?” People are so grateful when you do this. Really. Either they, too, want to know the answer and are afraid to ask, or they know the answer and can feel superior. Everybody wins!

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