Milkweed Book Cover

Milkweed (The Movie) – Jerry Spinelli’s award-winning young adult novel about a tiny orphan boy of many names becomes an animated feature film in 2021. In the years leading up to WWII in Poland, “Stopthief” takes up with a band of Jewish boys, desperate to be like them. But they know their fate and eye him with suspicion. When tiny, agile “Stopthief” begins to steal food to keep them alive, their feelings for him soften. He is welcomed into the arms of a Jewish family who give him a real name — Misha — and he believes he has finally found a home. Then, a horrific denouement leaves him lost, alone and crossing an ocean to an uncertain life. Milkweed is an unforgettable story of love, loss and our universal search for identity and connection.

Who’s Who
Producer: Gail Rosenblum

Animation Directors: Mike Owens and Wendie Owens

Animation Producer: Audrey Robinson Favorito
Art Director: Annita Soble (
Music and Voice Supervisor: Tom Lieberman
Screenplay: Chris Bartle
Composer: Matt Herbst

Creative Consultant: Sam Fischer (

Based On: Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

AUTHOR OF MILKWEED THE NOVEL Jerry Spinelli is a Newbery Medal and Newbery Honor winner. His “Stargirl” young adult novel is now a feature film from Disney Plus; his sequel, “Love, Stargirl,” spent time on the New York Times bestseller list to rave reviews. When published in 2003, Milkweed won the prestigious Golden Kite Award.

Enough Already Cover

Enough Already – The award-winning animated musical, “Enough Already!”, is available for the first time on DVD. Named a CHILD Magazine “Best of the Year” selection, and endorsed by the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, “Enough Already!” features lively original songs, inspired by traditional Klezmer music. “Enough Already!” tells the timeless tale of a poor farmer who, on the advice of the town Rebbe, brings one animal after another into an already over-crowded house. The result is a hilarious and clever lesson in being grateful for what we have.

“Enough Already!” was first introduced on videotape in 1996, soaring to national acclaim with more than 50 enthusiastic reviews from publications including School Library Journal, Children’s Bookwatch, Billboard Magazine and Publisher’s Weekly. Gail Rosenblum, president of Roseberry Entertainment, Inc., had been eager to transfer “Enough Already!” onto DVD for years and decided she wasn’t going to let another holiday season pass without doing it. “It was more than time to move into the 21st century,” she said, “and offer this wonderful story to a new generation of families.”

Where to Buy:
The 26-minute musical DVD is priced at $19.95 and is available through
Roseberry Entertainment at