no drinkingYou may have noticed by now that human relationships, while being essential to our happiness and survival, are also often a pain in the ass. Sometimes, you desperately want people to do the right thing and, guess what? They don’t! They can’t apologize or ask for forgiveness. They can’t pick up the slack, or their underwear, they just can’t, and you can knock your head against the wall for a long, long time and nothing will change. This doesn’t mean that nothing will ever change. I’ve seen people change in amazing ways. They stop drinking and start living. They shift careers and bloom like a flower. They become parents and get downright responsible. But, right now, in this moment, you are getting NNI: No New Information. This means that someone you love (or currently loathe) is behaving in exactly the same way he or she always has. Instead of expending your valuable time and energy fretting again, just repeat quietly, “No New Information,” let it go and move on. When there IS new information, you’ll know.

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