Don’t worry too much about what everyone is thinking about you. Honestly? They’re NOT thinking about you. This should come as a relief – and, I know, kind of a bummer. The only thing worse than people talking about us is people NOT talking about us, right? But what I’ve learned after decades of leaving parties and going home and brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror and asking, “Oh, my God, why did you SAY that?” or, “Why did you call him Jack when his name is Jim — and he’s your cousin!” or, “Why did you wear that short skirt that makes you look like you’re trying too hard?” is that 1) Nobody heard it 2) Jim is relieved that I screwed up because he just called Mindy Margaret and 3) everyone wishes they’d worn something else. In other words, you’re sort of freed up here, which is a nice segue into next week’s blog post. Stay tuned!

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